A collection of startup companies made in Yogyakarta city

Less Than 24 Hours

It all started after a Sunday morning chat at a cafe in Kridosono, Jogjakarta. We had set up a meeting with a girl to talk about our project. The girl started to introduce herself, saying that she had been working for a game developer. Doh! Feeling embarrassed and surprised. How could it be that we didn’t know any other startup company in our own city. Where were we during this time? It’s like we had been living under a rock. With this in mind and knowing that networking is important, we came up with an idea - what if we made a website that lists startups located in Jogja? Since that morning, we planned to create this site and by that evening, bam! This website was live. After all, that’s one of the many ways that startups are made, isn’t it?

But in all honesty, the true purpose of this site was to establish a solid relationship and unbreakable creative circle among Jogja startup companies (see All List). Jogja is one of Indonesia’s innovative hubs, so why wouldn’t we develop an ambience to make it even more innovative. By developing relationships, supporting each other and building networks, our success can be benefit to all.

Startup isn’t just about trends or cool things or methods, it’s about spirit, about doing what you love and what makes you great. It’s about putting your courage, creativity, ideas and heart into what you believe. It’s about taking risks and to put every effort into making your ideas come to life.

If your company is still struggling, is still building networks, is still developing a business plan or if you just don't get enough sleep and vacations due to working seven days a week, that’s what we call a startup. Then, we welcome you with a big smile and monggo gesture to introduce your startup company to the world via our site (click "Join Now" button above to join). So C’mon! Let’s kick some arse!


  • Gustopo Galang W. @gustopo
    Did the awesome logo that has a hidden arrow.
  • Agung Jati K. @its_agungjk
    Carefully organised the meeting and helped purchase the domain name.
  • Kenniko O.P @kennikoop
    You are currently looking at his Sunday evening workmanship. Still got questions?
  • Feni Fauziah @putri_soekarno
    Went to bed at 3am and still met with us at 9am sharp! Hardcore!

Jogjakarta, 25 May 2014